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Anyone who has ever seen Avera behind the DJ booth quickly notices a few things: her bright smile, her love for dancing, and the magnetic energy that gets people on their feet and keeps them there. A classically trained musician hailing from New Jersey and now based in NYC, she started playing piano at 7 years old and her path into music hasn’t stopped since.


An unexpected journey...

Avera didn’t follow a typical path into DJing. Although she’s always held a huge passion for music, she also had a love for business. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Accounting and began a career in Forensic Accounting. She credits a lot of her success with DJing events to her business background, where she developed a keen attention to detail that now allows her to meticulously plan the musical journey that will compliment her client’s vision, backed by an innate ability to connect with the crowd and play what they want to hear on the fly.


The lightbulb moment...

During one of her work trips to Puerto Rico, she and her coworkers met a DJ who peaked her interest in the craft, and she was inspired to sign up for a class in NYC. She bought her first set of equipment and DJ’d her first party. That was it - Avera knew this was exactly what she was meant to do. Bringing people together on a dancefloor was an indescribable feeling, and to this day that’s why she does it - to create connections between people through music, bring smiles to their faces, and create lasting memories. Since then, Avera has been the DJ for everything from weddings to corporate events to private parties. You can also catch her at one of her nightlife gigs at bars and clubs in NJ and NY. 

Celebrating her roots...

DJ Avera is well versed in playing a wide variety of genres, including Top 40, hip-hop, rock, house, EDM, and more. Drawing on her Puerto Rican heritage, Avera is always thrilled to play for a Latin audience and bring into the mix the dynamic sounds of reggaeton, bachata, salsa, and merengue – everything she grew up dancing to at her family parties.


Beyond the turntables...

When Avera is not packing dance floors, you can find her hosting virtual events, learning new songs on the piano (everything from Chopin to Lil Wayne to Blink-182), practicing her electric ukulele, or producing remixes and mashups. Dance is her second passion and she continues to study hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and contemporary at schools in NYC. Avera will always be dancing right along with the crowd!

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