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Avera is an open-format DJ based in New Jersey. She brings her clients' visions to life by providing an exciting and high-energy musical experience that's specifically tailored to each event. Whether an intimate affair or an epic blowout, her promise to her clients is to turn their occasion into an unforgettable memory.


With her bubbly personality and positivity shining through wherever she plays, Avera's mission is to brighten lives through music and bring a smile to people's faces with every event she DJs. 



"Avera had the most energy we've seen in a DJ in a long time. All the guests were drawn to her and she totally nailed the music vibe of our venue .."

Private Events

"DJ Avera was prepared to make our holiday party a complete success and she did. You could tell DJ Avera loves her music and seeing people dance. She kept everyone on their feet dancing way into overtime..."

Corporate Events

"Avera was an absolute pro to work with! She DJ’d an upscale party we held for a client and nailed the music and vibe we needed. She was communicative and a joy to work with..."


"Avera was an absolute legend as the DJ of our wedding...she definitedly delivered. People were on the dance floor immediately and there was never a lull during the night of people not dancing.

Virtual Events

"..she brought her A-GAME to the party and left everyone who attended wanting more. Avera has the kind of energy you want at every party you host....."


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